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Simple, Straightforward Guidelines Shatter The
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Dear Friend,

o you feel stuck?

Maybe you’re not making enough money. Maybe you’re facing a health crisis, or struggling with the relationships you currently have in your life.

Perhaps you’re just generally unhappy with your quality of life and feel that it’s lacking in several different areas.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You wish there was a way to improve your health, relationships, finances and general well-being. You find yourself wondering: “Is this really all there is to life?”

  • You notice people all around you enjoying their lives and experiencing incredible success creating their dreams, and you’re more than ready to do the same for yourself…

  • You yearn for to live a much richer life… perhaps not even merely for yourself, but even extending towards making make a bigger impact on the world – to contribute – to do something meaningful and worthwhile…

  • You saw the movies like “The Secret” (and its many spin-offs) that made the topic ‘sexy’ and a bit ‘hypey’, and read all the books on manifesting… but you still can’t figure out how it actually works and in particular: how to make it work for you

  • You believe in your natural-born, but most likely dormant powers to ‘mold the universe’ and ‘manipulate’ it into motion… You just know in your heart that it really is possible to manifest your desires and actualize your dreams… But you’re frustrated, because no one will give you a straight answer about exactly how it works…

  • You long to learn more about the universal principles of manifestation, but you’re fed-up (and perhaps even a little embarrassed) by all the airy-fairy fluff and often self-righteous ‘woo-woo’ talk.

  • You’re ready, once and for all, to learn the secrets behind the hype… put the rubber on the road… and get down to some real manifestation.

If any of this rings true to you… even just slightly… then I have one more question for you:

Are you ready to make it happen?!

You Really CAN Engage Your
Natural-Born Powers To Manifest
The Life You Dream Of!

And all it requires is probably just a relatively small shift in your understanding of ‘how life works’…

You see, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, this so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ that you hear so much about these days… just like the other universal principles that I’ll be sharing with you in a bit… are already in effect in your life… every single tick of the clock.

But here’s the problem:

Although you may have read all the books on the subject and watched movies like “The Secret” and many others… you probably still don’t understand the fine intricacies of these universal mechanisms… much less how you can steer them.

Even worse:

Because you lack full understanding… and because you might be overwhelmed by the barrage of half-truths and myths that prevail out there (like most people are)… the way you subconsciously interact with ‘the universe’ might actually bring you the very things you don’t want into your life… completely inadvertently!

That’s right… You could actually be inviting the overwhelm, exhaustion, stagnation, difficulties and general ‘dis-ease’ you experience into your very own life experience, without having any idea you’re doing it.

Shocking, I know!

But once you learn – once you realize and appreciate the POWER of understanding the ‘Universal Principles of Life’ in the way you’re about to learn them – you can and will draw all the love, money, success, health and happiness you’ve been longing for
directly into your life.

“Henk has put together an amazing package, teaching you everything you need to know about the Universal Laws and how to apply them. If you want to learn how to apply
the Universal Laws in your life effectively,
I highly recommend this package!”

Eva Gregory, International Coach of the Year 2006,
Master Law of Attraction Coach, Speaker and Author

Let Me Shine A Beacon Of Light Onto The Mysteries Of The ‘Universal Principles
Of Manifestation’ For You!

To understand how, you first have to break free from what I call your 5-SENSE PRISON.

Think about it:

Our lives are governed by our five senses, right? We touch, smell, taste, hear and see.

But what you may not be aware of is how you really perceive the world around you. You may think you’re hearing noises, touching objects, and seeing colors, but that’s not quite true.

“Even if you already know about the Universal Laws, you need to experience the depth and clarity offered in this well-reasoned and well-researched information. It’s mind-blowing and clear, both at the same time.

And if you don’t really understand the power of the Universal Laws, you’re in for a great read and an exciting ride as you join the Revolution!

I can’t wait to read it again!”

Buz McGuire
Mississippi, USA

What your 5 senses are actually detecting are vibrations, or frequencies!

For example, consider these facts:


  • Sight:
    Anyone who has ever had a 10th grade physics class knows that the color we see is simply light coming to us on different wavelengths or frequencies. When your eyes pick up the varying frequencies, your brain decodes them into an image containing different colors of light.
  • Hearing:
    Like light, different sounds have different frequencies. It’s how radio waves are detected and singled out so that you can listen to your favorite station in your car. These frequencies are also how your ears are able to detect different noises and tones, and then send them to your brain for decoding.
  • Touch:
    Scientific studies by Hungarian biophysicist and Nobel Prize winner Georg von Békésy demonstrated that in addition to our eyes and ears, our skin also responds to frequencies. Once those are decoded by your brain, you experience a sensation.
  • Smell:
    Different odors produce different frequencies too, and the vibrational theory of smell proposes that it is the molecular vibration of an odor (pleasant or otherwise) that determines how it comes across to your nose.
  • Taste:
    You may have heard that what we taste is actually largely determined by what we smell. Olfactory studies suggest that smell sensations are sent to the brain via pulse-like waves described as “action potential”, which basically means that
    our taste is ultimately also detected through frequencies.

To summarize this concept, a popular movie put it in these words:

“If ‘real’ is what you can feel, smell, touch, taste and see… then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Of course, your 5 senses have served you your entire life… And so it’s easy to believe that they’re completely reliable for providing you with all you need to know about the world around you.

But still, if that’s all you really work with, there’s so much more you’re missing!

I mean, just take a quick moment to consider these additional facts to stretch your thinking a little bit further:


  • Your eyes cannot see infrared or ultraviolet light, but they
    have both been proven to exist.
  • Your ears cannot hear ultrasound frequencies, like those of
    a dog whistle, but your pooch definitely knows they’re there!
  • Astrophysicists at NASA have estimated that less than 5% of
    all energy in the universe is visible to humans – meaning that the “normal” world we’re familiar with is a mere pittance compared to the 95% of energy and power we don’t perceive through hearing, smell, taste, touch, or sight.

So stop for just a moment, and let that sink in:

Considering the vastness of the universe around you, and the fact that you can pretty much only detect and experience a mere 5% of the energy contained in it with your 5 senses…

Can You Imagine The Possibilities Of
What ELSE Is “Out There”?!

You may not know this yet, but behind the scenes of “physical reality,” there are ‘universal principles’ constantly at work that guide the course of your life. These ‘universal principles’ operate in the 95% of energy that we humans cannot perceive through our 5 senses.

So it’s time for you to brace yourself and hold on tight… because:

You’re About To Escape The Confinement Of Accessing The Tiny 5% Of What Exists Around You Like Everybody Else Does... And Finally Discover What You’re Really Capable Of!

Imagine, for a moment, the incredible, life-altering changes you could make if you could comprehend the other 95% of universal energy… and somehow leverage that understanding to your advantage

“Henk and Nicholas have put together a wonderful series of books that bring simplicity to the complex. They explain in understandable language the universal laws as they skillfully blend insight with the findings of science and other disciplines to bring the reader a fresh perspective in thinking. I highly recommend these books to those who are searching for practical ways of making a life instead of just making a living.”

John Harricharan, award-winning author of When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

Look, if you’re reading these words now, it’s because there’s a ‘revolution’ happening, and you have come across this page because you are meant to be a part of it!

There really is a reason for everything, and there are no coincidences.

If you’re genuinely ready to learn the truths about ‘attraction’, ‘manifesting’ and the deliberate creation of your life and destiny… and you want that information to be delivered to you on a silver platter through a concise, easy-to-follow, simple-to understand medium… then congratulations: you just found it!

We can give you the answers you are looking for. Even better - we provide you with step-by-step guidebooks for implementing what you learn right now, to bring abundance, happiness, peace and prosperity into your life and the lives of those around you.

It’s Time To ‘Revolutioniz’ Your World!

Look, I’m really not the type of person that tends to seek the spotlight…

But when I came across what was really just a bunch of nonsense floating around on the subject of the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ and the ‘universal principles of life’, I felt I
had to speak up.

I noticed many “leaders” sharing their view on what this ‘Law of Attraction’ was, but also found very little practical advice on how to effectively use that information to your benefit.

Ironic, really, because most people interested in this topic are interested in HOW they can use the information to improve their lives, and ultimately, the world around them!

So I set out to provide exactly that by instigating sort of a ‘revolution’… providing concise, easy-to-follow information that will truly teach you all you need to know to apply your under-standing of these ‘universal life principles’ to leverage your powers of manifestation… and empower you to make some really incredible changes in your life.

Get Ready For The Dead-Honest Truth On
How ‘Manifesting’ Really Works… And
On How To Take Action NOW To
Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

While actualizing your intents and dreams may be a ‘revolution’ in its own right, here’s what adds to the ‘revolutionary’ effect:

Once you understand the power of aligning yourself with these universal principles, and start to access them to create peace, abundance and happiness in your own life… you’ll automatically serve as an example of what’s possible to those around you as well.

In other words:

Simply by getting your own life on track, you inspire others to do the same, and you will become part of the wave of global consciousness transformation that is taking place in our world.

That’s Why We Call This A ‘Revolution’!

So I admit it:

I’m not one of those big-time gurus out there… You know, the ones who only amplify the ‘sexy’ elements and leave out all the other equally important principles… thus degrading the whole concept of your inherent ‘power to create your own reality and destiny’ to pop culture fluff.

They make it sound like the whole process of ‘manifestation’ is as easy as flipping a switch or turning a faucet… And yes, it can be, but you do need to know about the ‘big picture’ of the process… and not operate from a standpoint where you’ve heard something about it, but don’t really know the rights of it.

Besides, on top of everything else, there are so many compartmentalized half-truths and so much conflicting information out there… it’s hard to decipher truth from fiction.

Here’s the truth:

  • There’s much more to this so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ (and to these ‘universal principles’ in general) than you’re usually told… And it’s certainly not like you can simply sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

    Sure, this ‘Law of Attraction’ tells us that like attracts like and that what we exude is what comes back to us. But that’s an over-simplification promoted by way too many ‘experts’ that hinders more people than it helps.

    Instead, you need to flip some inner switches… and so you need to know which ones, and how to flip them.

  • At the other end of the spectrum, gurus who do know volumes about the intricacies of the universal principles tend to over-explain them in such complex details that you just end up confused and frustrated.

    That’s why with this ‘Revolution’, we’ve made it our mission to share straightforward, ACCURATE information that gives you a clear understanding of what the main, overarching principles are, and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Really, they’re readily available to you - right now. Your dormant powers are waiting for you… yearning for you to finally apply them!

Let us help you access them - Click Here To Join the Revolution!

“Those seeking to use and practice the Laws of the Universe and who want practical information about these Laws and living by them to create a more EXTRAordinary life, must read this series of books! I say this is a must for anyone who wants to understand the world we live in and those who are in the human potential movement!”

Terri Levine, Coach and Author of Magnetizing: The Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance

When you’re not aware of how our physical reality is determined through universal principles, life appears to be a chain of accidents, coincidences, and bad luck – all outside of your control.

But once you gain a clear understanding of exactly how they are at work, behind the scenes, affecting your life every moment of every day… suddenly things start to make sense.

And with this understanding, you also learn how to leverage your understanding of these principles to deliberately steer the course of your life onto an easier and much more fulfilling path.

In fact, you begin living in the flow of things - rather than fighting against them and losing - day after day.

How, you might ask?

Whether you’re aware of them or not, these principles are behind everything that happens to you in your everyday life. But it’s how you interact with them that determines exactly what you receive in life and what you don’t.

That’s right – it is YOU who gets to determine WHAT the ‘universe’ brings to you!

This is also why there is NO SUCH THING as bad luck. Actually, there is no “luck” at all!

If your life is off track, or if you believe that you experience a string of bad luck all the time, you must…:

  • Acknowledge that there are ‘universal principles’ in operations behind the veil of our ‘5-sense reality’, every single moment of every day.

  • Understand that the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ is a popular name given to only ONE of these principles, and it is not the only principle that has an impact on the changes you are looking to create. You must become clear on all of these principles, and how they work in conjunction with one another.

  • Consider the idea that if you think you already understand one or more of these principles but are not seeing results… it’s more than likely that you’re operating without total, full comprehension about what these principles are and how they function in the world.

“The Key To Changing Your Life For The
Better Is In Your Complete Understanding
Of ALL ‘Universal Principles’… And How
They ALL Work Together Seamlessly
To Steer The Course Of Your Life.”

Master this, and gain a clear sense of direction in your life:

  • No more feeling stuck, or unable to move forward…

  • No more feeling unfulfilled with what you’re doing with your life, and unhappy with the results of your efforts in all areas…

Instead, dissolve your internal, limiting beliefs, and experience a new-found sense of direction, joy, ease, and level of comfort when your life begins to “flow” in harmony… as you draw the things toward you that you genuinely want and desire.

“A fresh new approach to creating what you desire in your life. Now you can learn the cutting-edge secrets of deliberate creation that most people will never know. And, the best part is that it’s all written in such a clear and uplifting way! Help yourself and help others by downloading these amazing e-books now. I promise you that they will ‘Revolutioniz’ your thinking and change the way you look at life!”

Dr. Robert Anthony, Best-Selling Author and Personal Performance Trainer

“Introducing: ‘Revolutioniz’:
Harness The Hidden Laws Of The Universe”

Get your own life on track and in gear… and thus help us change the way the world works, one person at a time.

It All Starts With YOU!

When you join this ‘revolution’, you’ll embark on the most exciting journey of your life… as you unlock your shrunk potential, and start accessing the unfathomable potential that ‘life’ and ‘the universe’ really have to offer.


  • Learn to live in balance: Replace the exhaustion you feel with energy, passion and enthusiasm!

  • Get back your peace of mind: Stop stressing about how things will work out for you, or how you’re going to accomplish what you want and need in your life…

  • Achieve accelerated success… be it in business, finances, relationships, and in any other area you’d like!

  • Blast through your roadblocks, and eliminate the setbacks that keep you from accomplishing your goals!

  • Gain momentum: Move forward in your life and create positive experiences… on a
    daily basis

Look, as you’ll learn, you’re living in a remarkable period in history… Never have circumstances been so ideal to reclaim the power you’ve always held deep within.

When you invest in this groundbreaking 2-part eBook series, you’ll learn how to apply your newly-gained understanding of these most-powerful ‘universal principles of manifestation’ that are ALREADY (unconsciously) influencing your life… so you can begin to consciously design and create the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself.

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn in Part 1:

Law of Attaction Book 1

In this ebook we’ll deal with the subject of the ‘Law of Attraction’ in specific. Some of the things you’ll discover, are…:

  • Your very own, personal, unique place in ‘life’ and ‘the universe’, and how to move from there to create the life of your dreams.
  • The importance of ‘awareness’ and how to use it to take control of your life and destiny.
  • The big picture of the 6 main ‘Principles of Life’ we distinguish (“Universal Laws” if you will), their relationship to one another, and how each applies to your life.
  • The true nature of the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’, seldom revealed in other resources.
  • The #1 secret you MUST know to understand how the Law of Attraction works for you. (<-- This alone could literally mean the difference between “making it happen” and “getting it all wrong”!)
  • The exact 5 steps (not 4, like most ‘gurus’ provide) to implement so you can take advantage of the Law of Attraction in every area of your life. (<-- These are the most essential and straightforward steps you’ll ever find, anywhere!)
  • The #1 mistake most people make when working with the Law of Attraction that keeps them from seeing the results they long for.
  • 4 ways to become aware of the Law of Attraction at work in your life.
  • The critical importance of emotions in manifesting your desires, and how to apply them to your advantage.
  • The essential secrets to using visualization to attract the things you want in life, and how most people get it all wrong!
  • The #1 thing that can get in your way to block you from achieving your desires, and the perfect solution for navigating around it. (<-- And believe me, it’s not what you think it is!)
  • And much, much more!

This book will teach you everything you need to know about the principle that has become popularly known as the ‘Law of Attraction’… in order to get you started on your journey toward the life you have always wanted.

Even better: once you begin to manifest your wealth, happiness, relationships and wellbeing, the joy you experience will create a ripple effect in the people around you, thereby creating an all-around better world through the simple clarity of your example.

Honestly, it’s the same idea as the “contagious smile”. Ever experimented with that? Try smiling at a stranger… Once you do, they often smile back, instinctively.

It’s the same way with manifesting your own happiness. People will pick up your ‘vibe’, and that’s another reason why we call this a REVOLUTION.

“‘Revolutioniz’ not only provides all the insights, steps and techniques to master the manifesting process, but it makes that process easy-to-follow, fun, and powerfully effective.

‘Revolutioniz’ is rich in practical and esoteric wisdom that will take your life to a whole new level.

All necessary elements are woven together in an inspiring way to create a leading-edge, life-transforming product that will revolutionize your world!

As well as a tool for creating real-world results, this program is also great food for the heart and soul and will uplift, inspire and enliven. It has depth, substance and authenticity, and is exceptional quality - a world-class, timeless resource that you can use again and again for the realization of your dreams!”

Aine Belton, Creator of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program

But that’s not all you’ll get when you answer your call to ‘Revolutioniz’!

Just as the different parts of your body function as one unit, so does the ‘universe’… through the ‘universal principles’ we’ve so carefully distinguished and distilled for you.

Sure, the manifesting principle of ‘Attraction’ is a very important one to understand in order to manifest the life experience you want for yourself… but it does not work in isolation!

In fact, we differentiate 6 main, overarching principles of the Universe, and each interacts with and mutually reinforce one another. That’s why it’s so crucially important to make sure you understand not just the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’, but all 6 universal ‘principles of life as we know it’.

And that’s where Part 2 comes in!

Law of Attaction Book 2

As the follow up to your first guidebook, Part 2 expands your knowledge from Part 1 and provides you with the information you must have on the other 5 main ‘universal principles’ to greatly enhance your ability to manifest and create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • An entirely new perspective on life, in order to discover your own personal, unique purpose.
  • The ultimate, #1 secret to opening yourself up to the good things to be manifested in your life.
  • How to replace your current belief system with a state of mind that’s conducive to manifesting anything you want in your life.
  • An extremely powerful trick to shift focus from negative, limiting thoughts and emotions to the kind that will help you (instead of hinder you) immediately.
  • The #1 pitfall to avoid if you want to stop sabotaging yourself.
  • Exactly how your 5 senses can hold you back in making all your dreams reality, and what to do about it.
  • The crucial importance of wavelengths and frequencies in manifesting your desires.
  • A simple, yet incredibly effective trick to harness the power of gratitude.
  • The true nature of ‘karma’ (also known as ‘cause and effect’), and why most of what you hear about it is pure baloney. (<-- Knowing this crucial little nuance about ‘karma’ can mean the difference between success and failure… and can prevent a life paralyzed by unnecessary fear and guilt.)
  • Exactly how ALL 6 ‘universal principles’ interact with and influence each other.
  • The absolute, second-to-none, #1 secret you MUST know about to create the circumstances and set the stage for the ‘universal principles’ to bring you all your desires. (<-- This secret is so incredibly important, yet few people actually know and utilize it!)
  • The true nature of ‘universal love’, and how it’s so utterly different from the way most people perceive ‘love’. (<-- If you’re not leveraging this crucial principle, you’re absolutely putting up an unmovable block to your own ability to change your life!)
  • How your application of the ‘universal principle of love’ as described in this guidebook deeply affects all other manifesting principles, and greatly amplifies their effects. (<-- This is not as simplistic as the blatant and self-evident platitude of ‘loving yourself and others’… This is different from what you expect, and more crucial than anything else I can describe!)
  • And so much more!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my copy of ‘Revolutioniz’. The material you cover is reviting, and it’s explained in such a manner that it is no longer ‘archaic’, but cutting-edge, and interesting.

You cover the whole gamut, and now I understand how the Law of Attraction that I’ve heard so much about fits into the grand scheme with the rest of the Universal Laws. I do believe that I’ll be able to better utilize ALL the Universal Laws to my advantage, thanks to the education
in your materials.

What a great series!”

Susan Denham

Look… Just so we’re clear, here’s what you WON’T get when you order:

Some foo-foo discussion suggesting you love everything in the way people generally define “love”. I’m not going to have you declare your undying love to strangers, or focusing on “flowers blossoming” and “birds flying”, or anything like that.

What you WILL get is a straightforward, grounded, and above all, practical explanation and implementation guide to the extremely powerful Universal Principles of Life to turn your efforts into greater success than you ever imagined!

Now tell me honestly:

What’s that worth to you?

What Would A Total Life Transformation
And Your Re-Ignited Sense Of ‘Life Control’
Mean To You And Your Lifestyle?!

Think of all the distilled knowledge that you’ll get… bringing unmatched clarity to a world of confusion and contradiction… plus its unparalleled ability to instigate a total life change

Wouldn’t that be worth a few hundred bucks… even a few thousands maybe?

Of course it would!

But don’t worry… Even though this information would easily be worth such amounts in multitude… we’re instigating a ‘revolution’ here, so we’re not going to ask you anywhere near that much to join!

Besides, there’s another reason why I’m going to make you this almost ridiculous offer, which I’ll explain in a moment (see Bonus #1)…

In fact, for a one-time, super-low investment of just $29.95, you receive both ebooks:

  • ‘Revolutioniz’: Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe - Part 1…


  • ‘Revolutioniz’: Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe - Part 2

That’s less than you probably spent on your last trip to Barnes N’ Noble, when you were searching for the answers you can grab here!

But guess what? It doesn’t stop here…

Not only will you receive these two awe-inspiring, eye-opening, life-changing works; we’ve also included not one, not two, not even three… but SIX fantastic bonuses!

Check out what you’ll get:

Bonus #1 (Absolutely Priceless Value!):

Sign-Up Now, And Receive Our Limited Time Special Offer To Get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES On All Material!

Let me tell you something I’ve been keeping a big secret for a while:

I already have a MAJOR update in progress!

Look: I’ve built a bit of a reputation of sharing rare-quality, unconventional information these past couple of years… So the people who know me will realize that I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say that this is going
to be really special!

It’s seriously going to set a new standard in understanding the ‘universal principles of manifestation’… And it’s going to be so radical, that the price of admission to this ‘Revolution’ is simply going to have to increase once
it’s revealed.

However, when you act NOW, you’ll be able to lock in your lifetime membership for just $29.95!

So, join the Revolution today, and you’ll be among the first in line to learn the incredible new findings I’ll be sharing as soon as the update is complete – at no additional charge!

But Like I Said: There’s More:

Bonus #2 ($27 Value!):

Our Very Own Special Revolution Teaching:
‘The Revolutionary Premises of Your Own Power’

This 38-page book lifts the veil on the profound ways in which you create your own reality. By means of mind-blowing and thought-provoking discussions, this work opens your mind to unlimited possibility, and is thus the perfect support to the ‘Revolutioniz’ materials you’ll be receiving when you order today.

This teaching blends insights from the science of quantum physics and DNA with mysticism and inspiration to give you a profound understanding of the world you live in and how you create it.

It shines a whole new, fresh light on the principles of ‘manifesting’ and ‘attraction’, and the real ways in which these processes take place.

Bonus #3 ($27 Value!):

Our Very Own Special Revolution Teaching:
‘The Revolutionary Premises of Relationships’

Ever wondered why you would ‘attract’ the kind of people in your life that you’re attracting now?

Or about the true mechanics of ‘attracting’ your ideal partner?

This revolutionary and eye-opening e-book will change the way you look at people and relationships forever.

In clear and highly entertaining ways it presents awe-inspiring wisdom and life’s principles based on plain old mother wit and a sense of humor! The mind-blowing knowledge put forward will definitely open you up to a much more profound and intense experience of happiness!

Here are some of the things you’ll learn inside:

  • Why and how certain types of people turn up in your life... and what
    that says about you.
  • The mechanics behind the process of ‘attracting’ people in general…
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to apply this understanding to ‘attract’ your ideal partner… or just friends and other people into your life.
  • And much more!

You’ll be absolutely blown away by what you learn inside this special guidebook!

PLUS, In Addition:

We’ve joined forces with some of the most brilliant minds in the manifestation field to offer you all of the following, FREE OF CHARGE, when you invest in our ‘Revolutioniz’ 2-part ebook series:

Bonus #4 ($19.95 Retail Value!):

Dr. Robert Anthony’s Popular Book:
‘Random Wisdom - Powerful Thoughts
For Conscious Living’

Over the years, Dr. Robert Anthony wrote a whole range of bestsellers.

Among these, he wrote a series of ‘THINK’-books that contained one- or two-line thought-provoking ideas. This series became extremely popular, selling over a million copies! Since then, Dr. Anthony added 150 new ideas to this collection. He then put all these ideas together in one book.

If you join the Revolution today, this incredible book is yours to have for free!

‘Random Wisdom’ contains over 450 ideas that you can use in your life immediately!

Bonus #5 ($17 Value!):

Terri Levine’s Highly Acclaimed Book:
‘Magnetizing: The Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance’

Terri Levine is often called the ‘guru’ of coaching. She provides professional, world-class personal training and coaching to help her clients achieve all their personal and business goals.

‘Magnetizing’ is having all the things you want in your life. It is deliberately shifting your conscious mind to bring all you want into your life experience. It is knowing you have the ability to create by choice all you want in life!

Terri invites you to open your mind and breathe in your ability and your human gift of magnetizing. She teaches you how to use your own power to ‘magnetize’, and how to amp up your life financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

This highly-acclaimed book gives you the how-to of creating a more balanced and richer life. And it’s yours to have for free if you join today!

Bonus #6 ($29 Value!):

Dr. Joe Rubino's Highly Acclaimed, Life-Impacting Recording: ‘7 Steps To Soaring Self-Esteem’

7 Steps to Soaring Self-EsteemOne of the keys to success and happiness in life is having a natural and healthy sense of self-esteem.

With this audio course you can discover the proven formula by the world-renowned Dr. Joe Rubino to greatly uplift your current levels of self-esteem.

This course, combined with your new perception of who you are and the nature of life itself that you’ll gain from the rest of the Revolution materials, will transform you into a firm and secure person, deliberately creating and living your life at your terms and conditions!

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  • Our special teaching: “The Revolutionary Premises of Relationships and Human Interaction”
  • Dr. Robert Anthony’s book: “Random Wisdom: Powerful Thoughts for Conscious Living”
  • Terri Levine’s book: “Magnetizing: The Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance”
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“You have created a system I wish had been in existence several years ago for my personal use when I needed it the most. I am just blown away by the attention to detail, the content, and the positive message you present.

I can tell you this with absolute certainty, your packages are going to help a lot of people! I recommend this highly!

Congratulations and keep up the great work! Judging from your brilliant articles, I can only imagine how amazing the upcoming update is going to be! I can hardly wait!”

Pat Hicks
Dallas, TX

“Just when you think you’ve heard or read everything about the Law of Attraction, along comes ‘Revolutioniz: Harness The Hidden Laws Of The Universe’.

This well researched work integrates the 6 Laws Of The Universe and shows the reader how to consciously and actively use all 6 laws to release peak levels of achievement, happiness and love.

Furthermore, the reader is invited to join the ‘Revolution’ and disseminate these teachings to the world: by first changing yourself, then changing the world through the higher-vibrational frequencies of love, joy and transcendence.

These teachings can be applied to all walks of life. The follow-up articles are second to none!

This ‘Revolution’ is kind and loving and could have a Ghandi-like effect as more and more of us get involved.

I invite you to join the revolution NOW!!”

Kate Loving Shenk
Lancaster, PA

“Wow! Bravo for Revolutioniz!

What you receive in this package is great information that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to bring clarity in starting with our lives for change, and with that, the ripple effect moves ever outward... A simple key for change in the bigger picture of this wonderful thing called Life, that we all share!

There is a lot of knowledge imparted here and the secret key is to apply it and practice, practice, practice! Knowledge is one thing; however, it is very evident that applied knowledge from these materials equals FREEDOM!

You’ll really want to have your own ‘package’and see how very refreshing it is to see that 5 other Laws of the Universe are included in the information, and that one is not set aside and taught in isolation.

There are also surprises and reinforcements of principles we may already know of living our life in tune with the Universe. However, to ‘hear’ it again is vital to our experiencing everything and anything we want!

Thanks for reminding me with great clarity that we all have the power to create our own universe!”

Darleyne Dreger

“The Revolutioniz-materials clearly explaine  the cause and effect relationship between the science behind the natural universal laws that operate constantly in our universe and the personal or social aspects of our experiences of those laws in our daily lives.

Reading these materials has allowed me to gain the knowledge I needed in order to have faith and courage so I could apply the universal laws, change my perceptions (thus my life) and create a financial net and future for myself and my children beyond my wildest dreams.

The Secret took me part of the way, and this information allowed me to LET everything flow! I would have every single person read these writings and reap the benefits!”

Alexia Rogue Wacks

“When I first used the Revolutioniz system my life was at an all time low. My finances were beyond repair, as so I thought. In using your program I have found relief and hope. I have tried over 30 other programs and read numerous books, but your insight and expertise has been invaluable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Char Davis
Phoenix, AZ

“I recently downloaded your two free e-books and also purchased the Revolutioniz Package. I have previously spent hundreds (actually thousands) for books, tapes, and CDs, and nothing has resonated with me like your explanation of the LOA being so inextricably linked to the other laws.

I paid thirty bucks for your material, and it has probably been worth all the rest of my investments combined, but “blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled”.

Isn’t it interesting that the more affordably-priced stuff has been so much more satisfying?

From my Baptist upbringing’s perspective, having someone explain Biblical mystery without the condemnation aspect and “pie-in-the-sky” mumbo jumbo was a deep breath of fresh air.

Thank you!”


Ron Allen
Longview, TX

“I discovered to my great surprise that I had lost my some of my upbeat ideas and sense of hopefulness. A friend told me this and I recognized I was falling downward in a spiral - and had stopped seeking joy and a productive path. I had found myself bogged down in negative attitudes from my extended family in a relatively new marriage....

Then your email came along. I had already begun to reach out to old books with information in personal development, but your material seems to be the best of both worlds of ‘positive thinking’ and learning the ‘ropes’ of creativity.

Thank probably and literally saved my life. My friend had said, “I miss the old Becky.”

Thank you!”

Becky Reed

“You probably should have called this the thinking man or woman’s guide to the Law of Attraction. Your way of explaining it, the allegories you use, and the historical background make this one of the best things I’ve read on the subject!

I really think you’ve got something here... and I didn’t think there was more for me to learn. Thanks for proving me wrong!

Oh, and your Step 5 is something most of the guides are missing... and the reason why most people can’t make the Law of Attraction work. Kudos! Looking forward to the update!”

Kate Fowler

“I think this was one of the best additions to The Secret I ever read, it’s so helpful! I was manifesting things I never thought I could dream of! Start something new today! Nothing comes to those who wait! Let your dreams and wishes come true!”

Patricia L. Deleon

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